Birmingham and Warwick University

On the 25th of February my friends from Jagiellonian University and I under the guidance of Doctor Marcin Kleban went on a study visit to UK. It was the first time in my life that I have visited England. I have never been there before and I had great expectations towards this visit. I must add, it was even better.

We had an opportunity to meet Professor Teresa MacKinnon and a few leading Persons at Warwick University. We participated in a lecture concerning using fairy tails and different stories in teaching.

We had also a little time to explore area around us.

We found a shop that woke up those little children hidden inside us. 🙂

We used also the opportunity to visit the biggest library in this part of England.

We visited Birmingham Museum and admired Leonardo da Vinci’s pieces of work.

We tried some typical English cuisines….with great pleasure.

But above all we have tightened our friendship and made a new ones.

So thank you my University for giving me all of this !!!

OER Analysis Task

OER – Open Educational Resources. Have you heard about something like that? If not, then it is something worth knowing! These are freely accessible resources for teaching and learning like Wikipedia, Quizlet etc.

I took part in a project where groups of people from UK, Poland and France were supposed to work together in order to review 3 OER. It broadened my horizons and made me aware of how great it is and what great opportunities we have. The Internet and OER give us free materials and knowledge. Ten years ago access to those wasn’t that easy and so we should appreciate this possibility, shouldn’t we? ;D

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania OER


Recently I took part in Erasmus Plus Online, which was great! I didn’t think it can be such a great experience! On 15th February I had possibility to participate in a dialogue session, during which I spoke with people from UK and France about my teaching experience (getting to know each other better) and using technology in teaching foreign languages… It was very enlightening! I’m not going to forget about this great experience! And, if you have such a possibility – TRY IT!

I really recommend it to all of you! So maybe, see you soon during next ERASMUS PLUS ONLINE FACILITATED DIALOGUE SESSIONS!!! 🙂

University of Warwick

In a month I’m going to visit one of the best universities in UK, that is Warwick Unversity! I will take part in teaching workshops in order to develop my teaching knowledge and abilities, I hope to meet lots of new people and practice my language skills. I wish there will be some time to visit theatre and watch at least one Shakespeare’s play live on stage.

My interests

I love dancing. In my carrier as amateur dancer I was taking lessons in ballroom dancing, jazz dancing and ballet and finally balcan folk dances. My team and I are travelling around Europe, taking part in such events as Balkanica Folk Festival in Tirana. We have already performed in such countries as Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Albania. Very often we are taking part in such events as special guests and get first or second places. Sometimes we gain even Grand Prix!!!

In my lifetime

I come from Bielsko-Biała, but right now I live and study in Cracow. I managed to start my academic life at one of the oldest universities in Poland, that is Jagiellonian University. I got my bachelor degree in German philology with English and right now I continue this field of study doing my Master Degree. Although I am still studying I have got already a lot of experience when it comes to my specilization, which is teaching English/German as a foreign language.

Private Primary School and Junior High School nr 5 in Cracow English teacher
10-12. 2018Catholic High School in Cracow apprentice (German)
09.2018High School nr 1 in Bielsko-Biała apprentice (English)
Education Centre “Seven” German teacher for adult students
03- 07 2017 Educational Centre „Creative” teacher for Business and
Administration-English, English for Beuty Therapists
10- 12
Primary School and Junior High School in Cracow
apprentice (German)
Primary School in Izdebki apprentice (Izdebki)
Mobile School „100%” teacher

After studies, though, I would like to work in some kind of a company instead of working in a school. In this way, it would be possible for me to develop myself and my abilities.

I passed FCE exam and Goethe- Institut cetificate, I have language competences of both languages on C1+ level.